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Our company, a series of new books releasenotice

 ●Coronal evil Live style reporting

From Curry shop “Namaste Bekkandou`s  Master”, “Survival Diary for finding out NewNormal Principle" (tentative name)

 Vol.2020 January

 Vol.2020 February

Vol. 2020 March

Vol. 2020 April

Vol. 2020 May

Vol. 2020 Jun

Vol. 2020 July

Vol. 2020 August

 aswell as

 ●English version "utokyu blog vol-1"(tentative name)



A total of 8 books will be publishedsimultaneously at the end of August this month in the Amazon kindle book.  Thank you for your cooperation.


The list price is 1$ each due to therelationship with the Amazon head office (it depends on the exchange rate, butit is about 106 yen. Customers can pay in yen)


In addition, these series will be publishedmonthly.  Begging, you can expect it.


For further information, please visit ourHP “Namaste Bekkandou Publishing Department 


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 (Uto-Q blog Tolerant and intolerant English+bonus topic)

 "There are as many English as there arecountries"

 Aforeign friend said, but apparently

 "There is as much English as there areplaces"

 Itseems.  Neither the foreign employees ofthe shop nor the owner myself speak English as their native language, and thecharacters of each country are so different that it is difficult to use eachlanguage, so I have to speak in English after all.  However, it seems that "U-Q" isbetter than "English".

 Inother words, even if the English of the same SNS needs to refer to the Englishthat appears in LinkedIn or FACEBOOK frequently, the chat English of messenger,viber, and line does not need to refer to the dictionary at all.  Only things. 

Also, the former may have more vocabularyand may be grammatically correct between a university graduate who is not anative English speaker and a person who is not a native English speaker.  And, in addition, many English-speakers aresurprisingly quite cautious about the tenses, singular and plural, definite andindefinite articles (the and a) that are noisy in our education.  In this way,

the English that is taught in Japan that ifit is not this is not understood in foreign countries, English is actually apublic scene English of the super elite in the English-speaking world,especially the incidence rate of diplomatic negotiation 1%  You will understand that it is the followingEnglish.  In a nutshell, Japanese English(education) is intolerant English for finding mistakes, and English in othercountries is tolerant English with no problem.


 (Bonus topic)

 Itis well known that Souseki Natsume(great and very famous author in Meiji periodof Japan 1867-1916) was depressed during his study abroad in the UK, but mostspeculation is that his good English was not understood in the native UK.  It seems that However, while I was writingthe above article, I suddenly had an arbitrary idea that the reason might bethe opposite.

 Isn't it because "I'm too good atEnglish?"  To tell you what, Sousekilearned English very well at Imperial University.  There was also a British teacher.  Souseki was also nervous enough to developgastric ulcer later in life.  If so, hemust have learned English strictly.  Hecould have understood, written, and spoken. However, He think that He was disgusted when He came to England and theEnglish written and spoken by the residents who lived in the boarding house wasso weak.


 After having experienced this, Sousekireturned to Japan and told the Japanese Ministry of Education, which was a weakcountry at that time, "I have no problem with the English in the realEnglish country.  There is a possibilitythat it will be the best country in the world to speak English,'' and wonderingwhy that bureaucratic bureaucrats started the subsequent strict and strictEnglish education?

 Imade a strange guess.  Of course, it'sjust my own idea.


 (Uto-Q blog " under the Corona, the wayof getting deep sleep on my style")

While others having a trump card of “gameover”, we will fall into anxiety. 

Now under the Corona, workers should beforced to wait patiently for the answer "Am I fired or not?" “thetiming is which?"

Until the answer coming, they should stay silentlybecause of depending on the circumstances of the business to which they belong.

Sadly, it is the opponent who holds thetreasure sword of the slaughter and deprivation ancestor, and you do not haveit. 

Similarly, in the case of downsizing orleaving away from current business field, which timing we should set?”

This occasion also depends on graspingmarket trends,

You have no such a trump card of “gameover”

However, if both of 2 are self-employed,and if you want to realize this and “can be achieved” with your own “will” morethan market trends, you can decide whether or not to leaving away from themarket. 

Going through even if you lose it or judgingthat it was not worth it, both cards you hold in your own hands inside. Staying or leaving away, depending on you, if youaccept the coming result after your decision.

If you hold the final cards in your ownhands inside, even if they are so tiny level ones, unexpectedly you can get adeep sleeping time although under such a Corona situation, without anxiety andirritation, every night. It seems.
Surely from my point of view, in other words, from brainless happy type characte


 (Uto-Q blog Hidden mine exploration diary,"Too much enough is …")

 Highsavings rate. Fence made from plant and hedges of the same. Very openminded offoreign countries and extremely narrowminded of domestics

This is a characteristic of our nationalcharacter. 

In foreign countries, they do not have the"money of over beyond evening" and rather use it immediately.  In foreign countries, architectural styleswith fences and hedges are rare, and are usually open.  Then, in the end, most of the time, foreigncountries are narrowminded of the outside countries and openminded of theinside colleagues. 

The first two are the "defensive"postures that are known without saying. The third seems to be different from the former two at first glance, butin the fact, this is also a "defensive" attitude, or the secret weapon.

This is because Japanese treats the otherperson generously and makes them no-alert, oppositely under the secret,tightened one`s relatives to create a buffer, so that one can get out when theneed arises.  (It is a so far old story, but this analogy isbased on of the example of Ooishi Kuranosuke who played a daytime light or ofthe example of the Mother who watched the TV instead of taking the child out ofthe examination.) 

You can see how strong "safety andsecurity" tendency Japanese has.  

So, although there is a side to the factthat infection is suppressed and saved in Corona Erosion by above our tendency(even if we exclude the number of tests)

But after Corona Erosion, we are toocareful to protect and use unnecessary feeling, then we have a huge risk ofbeing left behind from the world by being late for "progress,preemption".

Too much enough is less enough, the same"

We, Japanese, anytimeattached it to anything, it means a bit too "too much"

 "Each person, please save “the too muchenough doings!!"

2020/7 /23

(Uto-Q blog "The crews on the sameship")

It seems that the "Black World"has already arrived before the second wave of Corona virus.  Today, I do not know why such a young popularactor killed himself, even if he was so blessed at this moment.

And one more fact, even in the part of themetropolitan area, beyond the traceable critical point, supplementation, out ofcontrol.  Corona infections are mostcommon, as if they were ready to stay.

 Whatshould We do in such a case?  What do weneed to do? 

In my opinion, To regard below is betterthat we are the crew member on the same ship as it happens, called“Japan”.  It does not make sense to sayyour nationality, place of origin, and what class you belong to. 

Living place in the metropolitan area orthe countryside, where you from, where you stay, these are meaningless. I thinkthat the important matter is to recognize that we are the crew who happened tobe on this ship called "Japan". No one with a title or attribute will help unless everyone acts as acrew to protect the ship from a major storm, not as the passengers and crews. 

Or governments, or people, or old people, oryoung people, or men or women, to set a separating line or to set a coloring isquite waste. Who records credits and reports toyou after a ship sank?

That`s Black joke!! No one can report toyou.

Please sink to the bottom of the sea anddisappears as seaweed with the honor of making everyone happy.

How can we get to the next port withoutsinking to the bottom of the sea as algae debris?

It is the most important matter as a firstadvantage given, I think now.

At least for now, why not accept neighbors holdingwith a different opinion and interest?  Not"Status", nor "title", but the “situation” of crew on thesame ship staying as it happens. 

15th May 2020

(I rounded it up because there were a lotof troublesome matters yesterday.)

 Recently, it's a little bit uncomfortable foryou to see too many using below words "personal view” of "this is acompletely personal view." 

One night, my mom called my beloveddaughter and said, "Don't fall in love with a man. Marry a man whom you nofalling in love. Marry a man who is easy to manipulate. That makes me happy.You can see me?" That was the beginning. The story of a strange mother, a strange child, and a totally naivefather started all over Japan.

 As aresult, half of Japan's hidden nations are now depression reserves.  Then, combining with the hidden life in thiscorona and the newly added elements of unemployment and lost exchange life, Iimagine the expansion and deepening of this mentally ill patient more than theeconomic problems after the coronary disaster. Will be done.  Especially inJapan.  (It is not a story of foreign countries.I do not know the actual situation of foreign countries. I want to forgive you.)

Aside from that, there is theabove-mentioned groundwork.  Especiallyin Japan, there will probably be a super storm. I think many people will be blown away by it.  However, no new sprouts will emerge unlessthis is exceeded.  Believing that, Iwould like to say that it will be okay for each of us to survive the storm ofthe next few years.  Today, it`ll bepretty, nice ,and flashy.

 There were various things yesterday.  At my house.

10th May 2020

(The old and new story of a car whichunknowns as it happens Joint on the same way (=bus)")

When I was a child, passengers riding ashared car (= bus) because the bus street was an unpaved gravel road and it wasuneven  Mr. was riding while swinging hisbody to the right and left according to the bumps.  Buses sometimes overheated in hot weather,and during the hours of operation, the bus was stopped and the driver orconductor (male) opened the hood cover and started saying, "No, no, no."In addition, since there is no air conditioner, the car window was fully open,and the dust on the gravel road had entered so much.  On the other hand, there is no bonnet forReiwa's bus, and there is no need to open the window with full air conditioning.  (On the contrary, in the case of Corona,instead of `` Please make yourself a window, please open the window '' as inthe old days) By the way, the bus route you must take when you do not have timeis mountainous valleys, left and right It was a change in the meandering curve, but when I somehow turned myeyes from the outside of the car window to the landscape of the company,despite all this vertical and horizontal movements, almost all of them did notbend forward nor curl backwards.  No, Ialso noticed that I was sitting "behaviorally" as if I weren't"slightly" with almost no side-to-side shaking.

 "How is going?"

 So,what made me feel

 "Somehow everyone is gettingnervous."


 Toput it in a simple way


 "Well, I'm tired", but when I tracedmy memories of the scenery inside the bus, I realized that it felt like I wasriding it anytime.

 Atthe same time, he said, `` Everyone behaves like the one in the picture, buteven if the old grandmother who leaned on his stick got on, he rarely saw himgiving up his seat,  I haven't even seenpeople call out to me, or rather, when such a person came, I often saw them suddenlylooking out of the window as if they escape from the fact in front of them.

 ,The video data store in my head developed some shots in front of me.

 So,"Behavior is good, but no courtesy no heart, is the worst. Behavior isoutlook, courtesy is heart-contents. If it so, from which time we fall intosuch gentlemen and ladies whose inside vacant like a green pepper?

 I willclose today's article with the style of being less closing.


10th May 2020

(Never, too much over- cherish yourchildren for you, and you children and for our society)

Let's stop the stroller in addition to"Onbu ni Dakko(=hold on your lap, hold in your arms in front of you)".  The stroller weakens the legs and feet of thepassing old-fashioned "Onbu ni Daiko".

 Themeaning of the legs here is mental independence and economic independence.  Parents use strollers "Onbu ni Dakko",thinking that it is okay to do so either as they are asked by their children orwhen they care for their children. However, that often causes them tofail.  Therefore, if you really thinkabout your child's growth, you should stop the stroller at the passing "Onbuni Dakko".  When a child becomesaccustomed to it, parents often have to accompany the child.  In that case, the actions of the parentsthemselves may be bound throughout their lives. Therefore, after a certain year, it would be beneficial for parents, children,and society to benefit from the feeling of “Shishi Senjin no Tani”(=For growingup your child, To push them out into crisis), and dare to release an importantchild.  We think.

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