(Uktoyu ikki`s Night Story "Now, will tryNew Type Night Story")

After the plague, the Great Depression,followed by the World War.

 Thatis what history teaches.

 Atthat time, it was Mr. Hitler who appeared. So why did he catch up with the enthusiasm of the people? It was notthat the discourse was correct or logical, but simply because "it was easyto enter, easy to remember, good in vocabulary, and easy to empathizewith".  It may be.  At that time, I think that some people lookedat it from a logical and correct point of view, but because it is logical, thediscourse was too long and it lacked the impact of appealing to mind. 

It may have been difficult to enter.  I feel that the world is better not justwhether it is right or wrong, but whether it is easy to understand or easy toremember.  If so, you will have to speakthe right things in an easy-to-remember, easy-to-remember, eloquent, andempathetic way.  Although it does notmean that, from today,

we have decided to switch fromEnglish-language articles for foreign residents in Japan to long sentences thatare direct translation types for Japanese people, to short sentences that trythe above items.  Thank you for yourcooperation.


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(Utokyu Ikki’s Night Talk “Let it break words. Today's "crisis management ability")

Managers under the Corona are required "crisis management ability".
But using such a too much “gorgeous” and high-class words makes me feel unfamiliar rather than well-understanding.
In simple terms, what does that mean?
"I don't know what will happen in the world"
"Tomorrow may not be the same as today"
"One inch ahead is darkness"
Such a sense above of constant keeping freshly. Even if there are differences for it in levels, I think anyone can get it by polishing. It does not mean "ability".


 (Utokyu Iki Night Story "My Nepalistaff’s Health Checkup")

 Today, I went to the regular health checkupfor employees since our company started. However, it was difficult to get there. 

First of all, it was a tumultuous as Ichecked the questionnaire to make sure there were no omission so .  A long time ago, in a former article,wrote, the Nepali , the head chef of our restaurant, wondered if he was even awake with his child's birthday.  However, that was a goodlevel story, because I discovered that he hasn`t evenremembered his age or birth year today.  I hurriedly searched for residence cards onwhich his birth year and age were listed, but hedidn't have that card, and he couldn't even find a photo of the card , in hismemory that photo should have been saved in his smartphone.  The thing I gotno need help was that I made too many documents about them that I would submitto the public office or immigration office, so I could remember the year ofbirth year, and I had no other means.  ,

After it, at once I calculated the age fromthe back calculation.  Then, just write itdown without true checking. Then what happen thenext? A rare thing happened at the barium stomach examination, also.  I already took this test in several times. Afterfollowing the operator's announcement, I thought that I was doing acrobaticmovements, such as turning to the left, turning to the right, upside down, and Igot a question. Then I asked to the operator after the inspection, "Iwonder if Nepali staff who couldn't speak Japanese, could understand theseinstructions?" I asked.

 "Oh, He couldn'tdo the inspection. He did not understand what I was saying, so I had to give upboth myself and also himself one''

 In ageneral medical checkup, as there were few test items, I managed to rank upeven though financial pressure, and finally managed to set a medicalexamination course that was one rank higher, but the big money was wasted.  It means that it has become!

 Then, because I got uncomfortable, I asked tohim after the medical checkup,

 "Great devil! Perfect waste time, youpresented to me"


 "Milk, no good. Drinking milk makes Godangry." Apparently, cows are used by God for religious teaching.  It seems when Nepalistaff saw the color of barium, he mistakenly thought it was milk. It seemedthat the truth was that he did not even go up to the rotary inspection table

And reaching the level which we asked forhim to drink or not to drink barium, he either dropped or refused.  However, all things are going like this.  There were many things that I could notunderstand what happened if I did not attend alongside, and I felt like I am a"kindergarten teacher" leading the children


 Speaking of which, I heard from him that henever had a stool test or urine test at anotherworkplace during his stay in Japan, so I had no choice but to take the methodfrom the ground up to the toilet and start with a simulated demonstration.  At what level should I take care of it? Ihave been wondering recently.  Eventhough we are staying a corona, it`ll be too, too far to reach the commercialworld.


(utokyu ikki`s Night Story "YakushoBackward Country")

Today is the day of "Tanabata, thestar festival which the young cowboy and the weaving princess meet in thenight-sky once a year, and it is also our payday. Until now, our company hasendured it,

but at the last, with the suddendeterioration of business performance at Corona, we have no choice but to cut salaryfrom this month. Deterioration in business performance is down 40%. However, ifthis will be reflected in the employee salary, the life of the employee couldnot be easy,

Then I called the employees yesterday andexplained that the cutting width would be reduced by 10%.

On the other hand, on 9th of this month, weshould carry out regular medical examinations for employees, even if thediscount of the corporate association is applied, this cost will be just under70,000 yen for three of us

It`s our first employee health checkup inthe third year since the company was founded, so expenses are treated asextraordinary expenses, and I(owner of restaurant ) imaged the specialdirector's special benefits that should be paid to the individual director as afinancial source (that very famous 100,000 yen for all people), but this doesnot come even if many nights and days have passed.

In this case, if you cancel, but foreignemployee is a father and mother of children’s as same as Japanese family.Especially in the coming season of corona and the coming summer food poisoningseason, food and drink companies must pay attention to the physical conditionmanagement of employees, so it cannot be stopped easily.

As a result, it is unavoidable that theabove salary cut should be paid in this month. But, since I have beenoriginally paid 0 yen from the company established, I could not help it (I liveonly on pension),

But in this morning, I was thinking so far,and suddenly noticed that no get ¥100,000, it makes me owner confused andfallen into little hell, as the same( it's a long distance away, but it’s thesame situation for a foreign employee’s living in the same city),If 100000 our staffs still not get yet, they will fall into confusionand troubles, I can easily forecast.

Therefore, I rethought again and put offthis month's salary cut until the benefits are paid to them.

For big scale companies, the deteriorationof business results in July is reflected with a time lag, in December bonusafter six months delaying and the salary in the second half also, but in aplace like ours, which are tiny companies, we can’t afford it. If we will notact promptly, we will be in trouble with funding from tomorrow, and we will noteven be able to purchase ingredients.

Then for the further and newly costcutting, I decided to stop renewing the vehicle insurance

for one of the two home delivery cars thatwill be scheduled next month. In short, “we do not drive one car'',

But whether or neither, they know suchunderwater dealings and the pains at the bottom of hell, or in a neighboringcity just 200 meters away, the benefits have already been paid in mid- June.However, the fact that the residents of this city have not yet received, thecity officers shut their eyes and ears to it, and tax offices inside located inthis city area merely require documents and reports repeatedly withoutre-thinking and improving efforts from the same system as before.

If My number card (like Japanese style IDcard) will run correctly, and will linked to other offices functionally, ourwaste efforts were dynamically reduced...

But, but, b~ut, no changed, the similardocuments to be submitted should be sent one after another without anyimprovement like above.

Right now, Corona's brutality is just likea "backward country of government offices" compared to othercountries.

I`d like to say

Too much is enough, much more is Stupid!!No need such analog offices and officers!!”

I`d like to say...


 (utokyuikkinight story The reason why we set up a shop in this area)

The existing thing has begun to shake a lotin the coronary storm.  Even largecorporations may not be able to survive where their financial base isweak.  Even in the case of nations,countries with weak financial bases have the possibility of becoming dead.  At the individual level, even in the worldwhere lawyers, tax accountants, and certified public accountants are no longerable to eat, even that doctor, who has maintained an absolute position as aprofession that is "out of the ordinary", is afraid of coronainfection.  Due to the drastic decreasein the number of patients who come to our hospital, there is a possibility thatthe hospital will be closed and closed regardless of whether it is a largehospital or an individual practitioner.

 Tosay these phenomena in a bold and very simple way, isn't it that "alltitles (attributes of the person in society) have begun to fall off"?  National civil service title.  The title of being a citizen of a primenation.  The title is an employee of aglobal giant.  The names of lawyers, taxaccountants, doctors, etc. suddenly faded, and I began to feel uncertain, likea piece of paper.  Similarly, as amaterial, it is just a paper, and even a wad of banknotes (banknotes) thatcomplies with the credibility of the issuer called the nation cannot beconsidered absolute if the issuer's existence is in jeopardy in front of thecorona.  It may be. 

In short,

it may be that the trust and value thathumans have believed and built up until now, and the human society itself,which is the accumulation of them, have begun to fluctuate.  If this is the case, it is necessary to takeinto account the possibility of entering a completely different and greattransitional period beyond the Great Depression of 1929, rather than the Lehmanshock.  If this is the case, it ispredicted that the coronal disaster this time will no longer be meaningfulsimply by "just an economic measure." What will remain when the title and money are stripped off from theworking people of today, what is required of the individual who is the minimumcomponent of society, or what can cause the individual to survive and survive?

 In anutshell, "What do you rely on?" "Do you have hope by relying onit?" Unfortunately, I do not have the answer in this time.  However, the only thing I am vaguely thinkingabout is the “freshwater portion of biological origin (apple to apple)

 Ifeel that there is a hint in "human (relationship)".  In addition, I would like to say that when weretire, we no longer have the title, and the income of our retirees has droppedsharply. What do we still have?  If you saymore, "Can you shine brightly?"


 Ifeel like that is being asked.  For tofind out the answer, it seems to be holding our own this store without leavingeven though we continue to make a big deficit in a corner of this complex wheremany pensioners are aging. I am also aging in it.

15th May 2020

(I rounded it up because there were a lotof troublesome matters yesterday.)

 Recently, it's a little bit uncomfortable foryou to see too many using below words "personal view” of "this is acompletely personal view." 

One night, my mom called my beloveddaughter and said, "Don't fall in love with a man. Marry a man whom you nofalling in love. Marry a man who is easy to manipulate. That makes me happy.You can see me?" That was the beginning. The story of a strange mother, a strange child, and a totally naivefather started all over Japan.

 As aresult, half of Japan's hidden nations are now depression reserves.  Then, combining with the hidden life in thiscorona and the newly added elements of unemployment and lost exchange life, Iimagine the expansion and deepening of this mentally ill patient more than theeconomic problems after the coronary disaster. Will be done.  Especially inJapan.  (It is not a story of foreign countries.I do not know the actual situation of foreign countries. I want to forgive you.)

Aside from that, there is theabove-mentioned groundwork.  Especiallyin Japan, there will probably be a super storm. I think many people will be blown away by it.  However, no new sprouts will emerge unlessthis is exceeded.  Believing that, Iwould like to say that it will be okay for each of us to survive the storm ofthe next few years.  Today, it`ll bepretty, nice ,and flashy.

 There were various things yesterday.  At my house.

10th May 2020

(The old and new story of a car whichunknowns as it happens Joint on the same way (=bus)")

When I was a child, passengers riding ashared car (= bus) because the bus street was an unpaved gravel road and it wasuneven  Mr. was riding while swinging hisbody to the right and left according to the bumps.  Buses sometimes overheated in hot weather,and during the hours of operation, the bus was stopped and the driver orconductor (male) opened the hood cover and started saying, "No, no, no."In addition, since there is no air conditioner, the car window was fully open,and the dust on the gravel road had entered so much.  On the other hand, there is no bonnet forReiwa's bus, and there is no need to open the window with full air conditioning.  (On the contrary, in the case of Corona,instead of `` Please make yourself a window, please open the window '' as inthe old days) By the way, the bus route you must take when you do not have timeis mountainous valleys, left and right It was a change in the meandering curve, but when I somehow turned myeyes from the outside of the car window to the landscape of the company,despite all this vertical and horizontal movements, almost all of them did notbend forward nor curl backwards.  No, Ialso noticed that I was sitting "behaviorally" as if I weren't"slightly" with almost no side-to-side shaking.

 "How is going?"

 So,what made me feel

 "Somehow everyone is gettingnervous."


 Toput it in a simple way


 "Well, I'm tired", but when I tracedmy memories of the scenery inside the bus, I realized that it felt like I wasriding it anytime.

 Atthe same time, he said, `` Everyone behaves like the one in the picture, buteven if the old grandmother who leaned on his stick got on, he rarely saw himgiving up his seat,  I haven't even seenpeople call out to me, or rather, when such a person came, I often saw them suddenlylooking out of the window as if they escape from the fact in front of them.

 ,The video data store in my head developed some shots in front of me.

 So,"Behavior is good, but no courtesy no heart, is the worst. Behavior isoutlook, courtesy is heart-contents. If it so, from which time we fall intosuch gentlemen and ladies whose inside vacant like a green pepper?

 I willclose today's article with the style of being less closing.


10th May 2020

(Never, too much over- cherish yourchildren for you, and you children and for our society)

Let's stop the stroller in addition to"Onbu ni Dakko(=hold on your lap, hold in your arms in front of you)".  The stroller weakens the legs and feet of thepassing old-fashioned "Onbu ni Daiko".

 Themeaning of the legs here is mental independence and economic independence.  Parents use strollers "Onbu ni Dakko",thinking that it is okay to do so either as they are asked by their children orwhen they care for their children. However, that often causes them tofail.  Therefore, if you really thinkabout your child's growth, you should stop the stroller at the passing "Onbuni Dakko".  When a child becomesaccustomed to it, parents often have to accompany the child.  In that case, the actions of the parentsthemselves may be bound throughout their lives. Therefore, after a certain year, it would be beneficial for parents, children,and society to benefit from the feeling of “Shishi Senjin no Tani”(=For growingup your child, To push them out into crisis), and dare to release an importantchild.  We think.

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