15th May 2020

(I rounded it up because there were a lotof troublesome matters yesterday.)

 Recently, it's a little bit uncomfortable foryou to see too many using below words "personal view” of "this is acompletely personal view." 

One night, my mom called my beloveddaughter and said, "Don't fall in love with a man. Marry a man whom you nofalling in love. Marry a man who is easy to manipulate. That makes me happy.You can see me?" That was the beginning. The story of a strange mother, a strange child, and a totally naivefather started all over Japan.

 As aresult, half of Japan's hidden nations are now depression reserves.  Then, combining with the hidden life in thiscorona and the newly added elements of unemployment and lost exchange life, Iimagine the expansion and deepening of this mentally ill patient more than theeconomic problems after the coronary disaster. Will be done.  Especially inJapan.  (It is not a story of foreign countries.I do not know the actual situation of foreign countries. I want to forgive you.)

Aside from that, there is theabove-mentioned groundwork.  Especiallyin Japan, there will probably be a super storm. I think many people will be blown away by it.  However, no new sprouts will emerge unlessthis is exceeded.  Believing that, Iwould like to say that it will be okay for each of us to survive the storm ofthe next few years.  Today, it`ll bepretty, nice ,and flashy.

 There were various things yesterday.  At my house.