(utokyuikkinight story The reason why we set up a shop in this area)

The existing thing has begun to shake a lotin the coronary storm.  Even largecorporations may not be able to survive where their financial base isweak.  Even in the case of nations,countries with weak financial bases have the possibility of becoming dead.  At the individual level, even in the worldwhere lawyers, tax accountants, and certified public accountants are no longerable to eat, even that doctor, who has maintained an absolute position as aprofession that is "out of the ordinary", is afraid of coronainfection.  Due to the drastic decreasein the number of patients who come to our hospital, there is a possibility thatthe hospital will be closed and closed regardless of whether it is a largehospital or an individual practitioner.

 Tosay these phenomena in a bold and very simple way, isn't it that "alltitles (attributes of the person in society) have begun to fall off"?  National civil service title.  The title of being a citizen of a primenation.  The title is an employee of aglobal giant.  The names of lawyers, taxaccountants, doctors, etc. suddenly faded, and I began to feel uncertain, likea piece of paper.  Similarly, as amaterial, it is just a paper, and even a wad of banknotes (banknotes) thatcomplies with the credibility of the issuer called the nation cannot beconsidered absolute if the issuer's existence is in jeopardy in front of thecorona.  It may be. 

In short,

it may be that the trust and value thathumans have believed and built up until now, and the human society itself,which is the accumulation of them, have begun to fluctuate.  If this is the case, it is necessary to takeinto account the possibility of entering a completely different and greattransitional period beyond the Great Depression of 1929, rather than the Lehmanshock.  If this is the case, it ispredicted that the coronal disaster this time will no longer be meaningfulsimply by "just an economic measure." What will remain when the title and money are stripped off from theworking people of today, what is required of the individual who is the minimumcomponent of society, or what can cause the individual to survive and survive?

 In anutshell, "What do you rely on?" "Do you have hope by relying onit?" Unfortunately, I do not have the answer in this time.  However, the only thing I am vaguely thinkingabout is the “freshwater portion of biological origin (apple to apple)

 Ifeel that there is a hint in "human (relationship)".  In addition, I would like to say that when weretire, we no longer have the title, and the income of our retirees has droppedsharply. What do we still have?  If you saymore, "Can you shine brightly?"


 Ifeel like that is being asked.  For tofind out the answer, it seems to be holding our own this store without leavingeven though we continue to make a big deficit in a corner of this complex wheremany pensioners are aging. I am also aging in it.


 (Thank you for your concern)

Thank you to several readers for expressingtheir sincere appreciation to the readers, saying "You haven't written thearticle for a while, what happened? Is it okay?"  It is the extreme of that I would like totake this opportunity to give a brief explanation, including to thosepeople.  As I said in the previousannouncement (maybe you no notice it because it was a small article), I amcurrently focusing on the work of publishing electronic books.  The reason is that the current sales of thefood and beverage business will not be able to continue as a business sooner orlater.  I was urgently required to switchfrom the current one-foot batting method to the two-foot batting method.  As the first of these, in a modified version ofmy own book "Reading when I think my life is over" published in 2015,I made a considerable modification, so the title is (new book) "Life.  After thinking "I'm done", I amproceeding with preparations for publication under the title (tentative title). Therefore, I am worried because I couldnot update the article.  The e-bookslisted above are scheduled to be released in kindle by Amazon in early June.

 Thelist price is 100 yen (preliminary price) for one subscription right.  We would like to inform you of the time ofpublication, but we would like to thank all of you for enjoying this section.

(Big change will bring big chance to us. Don’t you miss it?)
I bought an electric hair clipper yesterday.
Because of the self-restraint sales from corona epidemic, it will be closed on quick hair cutting parlor QB House, because the prospect of resumption had been undecided and raise their own also forced heavy waist lazy person, we bought a thing of yesterday The title , I cut my head by myself this morning after taking a bath. Fortunately, I have a shaved head as a normal hairstyle. So, I thought, after the coronary disaster, my living behavior will change considerably. Above all, regarding the haircut mentioned above, the electric razor of brand-named “braun” costs me about 6000 yen including tax.
Even at QB House, one haircut fee is 1200 yen including tax. And at least a month I go twice so it costs 2400 yen a month. Then, in 3 months, the braun's high-class electric hair clipper (which was for the 1mm trimming the lowest price) and I got 400 yen returned change. And again, it brings a good thing for me that I can save at least 3 hours to go to the store. Perhaps such discoveries will occur here and there, and the behavior patterns will be reviewed and transformed. Perhaps what is important then is the discovery of a self-inspection "how much and how much can you do with your own power?" And a way to switch it to action. The target will change. What I mean is that many men who do not need to rely on women for their personal circumstances and "Osandon (preparation for meals, etc.)" continue to fall, and the number of men who "marry for the purpose of such things" decreases sharply. I wonder if that is the case. And these are the other factor that men want from women. Moreover, this is a new element that is more than just "beauty" and "look at outviews."
If we look at this in economic terms, QB House and electric hair clippers are tangible assets, but the acquisition of know-how for haircuts by ourselves is an intangible asset. The care of people around us, Osandon, and the beauty having women are like tangible assets, but the other invisible charms are intangible assets. The value of Toyota, which has a factory, is decreasing, and the value of GAFAM (GAFA + Microsoft) applications and solutions that do not have a factory is increasing, isn't this showing a change in the world? It seems certain that a big shift is happening or has already started. I want never to miss this big chance because it is rare. In response to the above-mentioned image dying, our company is also focusing on the intangible asset business called electronically publishing “Namaste Bekkan -Doh” Publishing Business on the internet private site, in addition to the tangible asset “Namaste Everybody” of Curry. Above is why I started to put it in.

15th May 2020

(I rounded it up because there were a lotof troublesome matters yesterday.)

 Recently, it's a little bit uncomfortable foryou to see too many using below words "personal view” of "this is acompletely personal view." 

One night, my mom called my beloveddaughter and said, "Don't fall in love with a man. Marry a man whom you nofalling in love. Marry a man who is easy to manipulate. That makes me happy.You can see me?" That was the beginning. The story of a strange mother, a strange child, and a totally naivefather started all over Japan.

 As aresult, half of Japan's hidden nations are now depression reserves.  Then, combining with the hidden life in thiscorona and the newly added elements of unemployment and lost exchange life, Iimagine the expansion and deepening of this mentally ill patient more than theeconomic problems after the coronary disaster. Will be done.  Especially inJapan.  (It is not a story of foreign countries.I do not know the actual situation of foreign countries. I want to forgive you.)

Aside from that, there is theabove-mentioned groundwork.  Especiallyin Japan, there will probably be a super storm. I think many people will be blown away by it.  However, no new sprouts will emerge unlessthis is exceeded.  Believing that, Iwould like to say that it will be okay for each of us to survive the storm ofthe next few years.  Today, it`ll bepretty, nice ,and flashy.

 There were various things yesterday.  At my house.